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Learn how the Jobs Act and Tax Cuts impact you?

President Trump just signed in to law the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) which will impact every aspect of taxation reporting,
find out how it will impact you here…

Not Just a Tax Return Preparation Firm

All CPA firms can prepare income taxes, but few make it their business to provide their clients with the best tax planning discussions before tax return filing or find ways our clients can reduce their tax burden by incorporating all of the tax laws available to them. How will the new tax changes affect your business? As soon as Congress decides (?) and passes a new tax bill, we will publish a comprehensive list of all changes and how they will impact you individually and the effects on your business.

Many firms do the same year after year without considering the changes that have taken place in your personal life or business. Some examples include selling a property – should you consider a 1031 Exchange? Or maybe an installment arrangement is better suited to both parties. Which is the best way to purchase a business?

How about retirement plans? Everyone can tell you about IRAs, 401(k)s or Roth plans, but can they tell you about Define Benefit Pension Plans, Life Insurance Retirement Plan or Qualified Leverage Strategies, to mention a few.

Our in house Tax Attorney can guide you by way of Estate Planning, which would include asset protection and the use of a trust to avoid probate.

We have helped hundreds of clients with business and personal protection. Send us an e-mail and tell us what you are looking to change in your life’s strategies.

Why Choose Our Firm?

Cambridge Tax Solutions, Inc. strives to provide their clients with options that very few firms offer:

  • Excellent income tax preparation
  • Business and personal tax planning
  • Income tax return reviews
  • Retirement reviews
  • Asset/creditor protection
  • Life Insurance reviews
  • Access to new life insurance products that provide tax free income
  • IRS audit representation.

How can you protect your family and their future?

Most Americans have contributed to some form of retirement plan, but what about the unforeseen events that can impact a family, such as accidents, illness and/or creditor attacks. Life insurance is a topic that makes most listeners turn to the exit door and want to flee. But let us take a look at life insurance with a different set of individual and business eyes. Our firm is currently associated a full service wholesale insurance brokerage agency, offering a comprehensive array of life insurance products. They are located in Arizona and offer life insurance, annuities, transition retirement plans into tax free vehicles and other products that help the taxpayer reduce their tax burden.

Here are some reasons to consider Life Insurance:

Income Replacement: This can be a vital resource for you and your loved one to help replace your income, pay off the mortgage to your home or fund your children’s education in case of death
Terminal Illness: Some policies allow you to access a percentage of your policy benefits should you become terminally ill
Long Term Care (LTC): Americans are living longer, and finding that they require long term care, which is very costly
Estate Taxes: Insurance proceeds that provide proceeds to pay estate taxes. This is something that can be included in the estate planning process.
Business Owners: Life insurance proceeds can be used to pay down business loans, provide financial stability, cover the death of a key employee or secure cash to fund or buy a surviving owner.

The above represents the myriad of potential issues that we may all face. Now we have an opportunity to take care or address these issues.  I want to share some ways to protect and increase your wealth.


Why is it so important to have a trust?

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Transition Retirement Plans into
“Tax Free Vehicles”

For many high net worth individuals, life insurance can offer numerous benefits, including the potential for a tax-free death benefit that can protect loved ones from bearing a large financial burden.

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Tax Preparation

When most Americans think of tax preparation, they think about H&R Block, local preparers and those businesses with chickens out in front of the office hailing them to come in and have their taxes prepared. Cost is the issue.

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Retirement Plans

When dealing with retirement, most Americans usually consider the conventional retirement plans, such as IRA’s, 401ks, Roth IRAs, etc.

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning is one the most important planning that an individual should undertake. This is the vehicle that is used to reduce estate taxes, define the trustee’s wishes and specifically designate how assets will be distributed to beneficiaries.

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Tax Representation

Have you ever wondered why the IRS Resolution TV ads always ask, “if you owe more than $10,000 to the IRS, give us a call’? Well, the reason is obvious, you have money and they want it.

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Cambridge Tax Solutions, Inc. prides itself in assisting Businesses and Entrepreneurs in all areas of Taxes, Estate Planning, Asset Protection and Retirement Planning.